we will never fade. we can never disappear. we can ever fade bright. we will forever brightly disappear. (catch the light while you can my ...

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"Consider the momentous event in architecture when the wall parted and the column became." -Louis Kahn ghetto, 2010 Ric Warren: ...

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" I have always aimed for simplicity. For me simplicity is searching for the most simple means to achieve the most essential functions ...

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a conversation with Uglycute a conversation with Uglycute

.... "We were thinking a lot about the Austrian-Hungarian empire from the 19th century. A random railway station somewhere in the midd...

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"Seems as if we're circling for very different reasons But one day the Eagle has to land" Rose Tarlow vs Georges Jouve "...

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Larry Bell Larry Bell

. "Larry Bell expanded the two-dimensional illusion of a geometric form into actual space ..." Larry Bell : Early Work: October 22...

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"Atop the crags and cliffs the air is thin So we'll find a mountain path on down the hill Meet me where the snowmelts flows It is t...

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Richard Serra Richard Serra

.... "If you’re not able to translate information into meaningful activity, then you’re paralyzed by it, but if you can translate what...

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Faye Toogood Faye Toogood

... "In all of my work I’ve tried to link the conceptual to the visual , although it’s much harder with the objects and furniture bec...

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Geenen + Hoon Geenen + Hoon

.... "Geenen + Hoon begin with complementary starting points; both are heavily influenced by the architecture of Antoni Gaudi for ex...

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Green Light Corridor , 1970. "Bruce Nauman enforces the contrast between the perceptual and physical experience of space in his sculp...

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" Taste and style are words I hate. I care about poetry, humanity and quality. " -Ivan Terestchenko I recently had the pleasure of...

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recent work by Marianna Kennedy 'The trouble with mass-produced objects is that they have no life . When you buy them they are already d...

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Claude Collins-Stracensky Interview Claude Collins-Stracensky Interview

" I ntersections of public and private enterprise , interaction and perception. It’s the structural dynamics of systems and how we ...

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Scout Regalia Interview for YHBHS Scout Regalia Interview for YHBHS

... "We strive for a sense of timelessness in our aesthetic, and we have a vision of design that is neither sterile nor too fussy. ...

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Ball-Nogues Interview: High Desert Test Sites Ball-Nogues Interview: High Desert Test Sites

.. "My mind tends to get very big when I’m out here. I don’t mean egotistical, but the expansive space makes most of my thoughts seem ...

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