" I used to friend with trees , I have a call I close my eyes and wait for the echo And you came in a hurricane, I watched you in the d...

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3:02 PM

A conversation with Daniel Balice and Jay Ezra A conversation with Daniel Balice and Jay Ezra

"Almost all of the pieces in SYNESTHESIA, whether it be furniture or art or an object, have some kind of connection to each other- lit...

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10:14 AM

(almost) Perfect Containment (almost) Perfect Containment

Darrly Carter vs Micahel Heizer (almost) Perfect Containment - There is a delicate & fine (beautiful) line between (new) traditional ...

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11:29 AM

Sgrafo vs. Fat Lava Sgrafo vs. Fat Lava

"Ceramics and Porcelains made in West Germany, 1960-1980" Curated by Nicolas Trembley @ Alex Zachary Peter Currie , 16 East 77th ...

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10:03 AM

Garde, Los Angeles Garde, Los Angeles

Felicia Ferrone + Vincent VanDuysen above: work by felicia ferrone, photography by david john Last Spring, I photographed and wrote about a ...

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10:46 AM

Flexform: new york Flexform: new york

"The inventive design work architect Antonio Citterio led not only to collections of small armchairs and accessories but also to a ran...

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10:49 AM

Martin Brudnizki Martin Brudnizki

"His trademark philosophy of ‘minimalism deluxe’ relates to a clarity and precision of detail set amongst top quality materials and f...

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8:36 AM

"The strategy was to provide the required division of space with minimum interference with the existing structure and maximum percept...

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10:04 AM

Jennifer Parry Dodge : Ermie Jennifer Parry Dodge : Ermie

"I think my lack of training presents interesting challenges at times, but I also think it’s an advantage. Not knowing the rules, I hav...

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10:33 AM

"decorative emptiness" "decorative emptiness"

"Formal intelligence, though, doesn’t save these works (Frank Stella) from decorative emptiness and irrelevance. " "Emptiness...

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8:49 AM

left chasing night moon tonight left chasing night moon tonight

once I could see. now I am found out, I've been set free, nothing ever seems to bother me, & time is passing by, but leaves no thri...

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9:10 AM

a conversation with Galerie Utopie a conversation with Galerie Utopie

"The designers and artists, represented by Utopie were at the beginning of a success, showed their pieces all around the world, conno...

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