is finally launching tonight!

todosomething: in the Product Porch...
"We are committed to sourcing local, domestic materials,
and fabricating as close to home as possible."

Sun + Design + Porches. Oh my! I've made it down to San Diego for the opening of a very special launch. Brooks and Blaire launch their newest project tonight at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. If you've been reading YHBHS, you are probably familiar with many of the designers included! Scout Regalia, Tanya AguiƱiga, todosomething, Brendan Ravenhill, Vontundra, Fern, Laurel Broughton, and Workstead....

Brooks and Blaire are constantly sourcing new designers for their projects, and this latest 6 month retail experiment is the next step.... Between the two of them, they have Paris, Joshua Tree, New York and Los Angeles covered. How they find the time, I'll never know.....

If you are around, please say hello:) have a great weekend.

is the collaboration between Brooks Hudson Thomas and Blaire Dessent, who both grew up in La Jolla and are especially proud to bring their projects home to San Diego. Thomas operates the Los Angeles and Joshua Tree-based Specific Merchandise, a creative retail project offering artist-made furniture, editions, found objects, and artwork. Paris-based Dessent owns an online boutique called Vitrine, presenting artists’ editions, housewares, and personal accessories made by artists and designers from Europe and the United States.

In addition to the debut of PRODUCT PORCH, this will also be the first opportunity for many people to view the work of artists Larry Bell, Mary Corse, and James Turrell, whose work is being installed on a staggered schedule leading up to the official grand opening of Phenomenal: California Light, Space, Surface on September 25.

"PRODUCT PORCH is the name, and reinventing the museum store is the game." -
read more about it on Handful of Salt's site!


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