Akio Nukaga 

"Essentially, I aim at working towards creating simple designs."

" I am Akio Nukaga, Kasama's ceramic artist. I am mainly producing dishes/tableware and flower vases of KOHIKI、TETSU-YUU (iron glaze)、and HAKUJI.I work hard at making simple shaped and heart warming textured bowls.  The bowls that I am making have an original and unique texture feeling that is created SABIKOHIKI and GOMAKOHIKI in the kind of KOHIKI.SABIKOHIKI was given its name since red small spots that express tastefully austere like an iron rust. Also, GOMAKOHIKI was since the iron powder in the foundation appears to be goma (sesame). Moreover, through NAGASHIKAKE、HAKEME、TETSUSAI. I am looking for various ways to express the clay.HAKUJI is used semi-porcelain clay for base and is made a bit thicker. 

Essentially, I aim at working towards creating simple designs." 


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