(right on babe, rhythm and knowledge)

"It's design is intended to create a 21st century civic architecture for a suburban new town."
- FAT, the Villa

"slow diagonal i forgot i forgot
when you i never used to
only i used to think there's nowhere to go
happening in a slow diagonal"
- life without buildings, new town....

"The Villa is a community building which sits at the heart of the Heerlijkheid park designed by Fat in the town of Hoogvliet in the Netherlands. The building contains a multi-use hall, offices, and a cafe. It's design is intended to create a 21st century civic architecture for a suburban new town.

It is a decorated shed, using timber rain screen cladding to create
an architecture of communication which evokes Hoogvliet's industrial past, whilst the references to elements of nature in the entrance and in some of the cut-out features of the facade, recall the bucolic ideas on which the design of the New Town was originally based. Inside the shed like quality of the building is emphasized by the painting pink of the structure. From the inside, views to the park and surrounding landscape are framed by the delicate intricacies of the external envelope. "

F A T (FASHION : ARCHITECTURE : TASTE) is an environmental design studio with an international reputation for delivering outstanding and award winning projects at a range of scales and for many different uses. We specialize in architecture, cities and design.

"if i rewind again, if i rewind again
i forgot, rhythm and knowledge
rhythm and knowledge regenerate there
rhythm and knowledge regenerate
right on babe, rhythm and knowledge"

life without buildings, (a band that recorded one of the most fantastic albums ever.)



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