weekend warrior, pt 583

"garden of eden"
"cosmopolitan soul"
"secret garden"

Since last week's Mattia Bonetti reception here in Los Angeles at Duke and Duke, I've been submerged in images of Parisian Decor + furniture. For those that enjoy French design, stop by the gallery.... A new favorite book on current French Interiors is "Living in Style Paris" with photographs by Reto Guntli, & text by Debra Derieux Matos.

Rooms that are perverted with decadent style, colors and forms exploding up to the ceiling. Geometerical dances in the moonlight! Turquoise, pinks, blues, blacks, yellows, and mirrored surfaces. Oh me oh my! I'm not entirely sure how French designers are able to pull of such rooms of force with such subtle ease, but they do, and do again, and again, and again.

Welcome to the weekend, warriors. - David John

Living in Style Paris, edited by Caroline Sarkozy... "In Parisian interiors, designers have mixed the traditional with the unexpected and influences from other faraway places, creating a very unique Parisian style....

Edited by renown interior designer Caroline Sarkozy and lavishly illustrated by master photographer Reto Guntli, this book opens the doors to the houses of Diane von Furstenberg, Lenny Kravitz, Jacques Grange, and many more."



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